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Bailiff Instruction


If you wish to use our Bailiff service to enforce collection of your Judgement you must answer yes to the following three questions.


1. The Judgement I have is for at least £600


2. The Judgement I have is no more than 5 Years old


3. The Judgement is against a debtor with an address in England or Wales


If you have answered yes to ALL the above then please do the following.



Download our tracker (choice of  a word document or PDF) form and complete it



Pounds Financial Debt Recovery y
38 - 40 Church Street

Return the tracker form along with 2 cheques:


One made payable to HMCS for £60 This is the court fee and is recoverable.


One made payable to Pounds debt Recovery for £50 this is the administration fee.


You MUST also enclose a copy of the County Court judgement. Please note the standard notice of judgement entered that the County Court sends by post is not acceptable. Either request a copy of the Judgement or download the request from Judgement from your MCOL online account which looks like this




Admin Cheque

Court Cheque

Completed Tracker Form

Copy of CCJ

Return to us :

Download tracker form as a PDF

Download tracker form as a Word.doc