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Debt Collection Services

We offer a comprehensive range of debt collection services, from debtor tracing to bailiffs - process serving documents to corporate insolvency.


Debtor Tracing - We offer a free basic in house tracing service through to a more comprehensive third party trace service that has access to restricted credit reference databases. Emergency 1 hour trace service available through to standard 20 day service.


Land Registry Searches - To confirm title to property, original Mortgage amount and current charges registered. This is useful when considering placing a charging order on a Debtor's property.


Company Searches - Company’s latest accounts and annual returns as well as a selection of company reports, including Directors searches, CCJ's, satisfied CCJ's.

More on company and director searches >>>


County Court Claims - Issued electronically through Money claim online Including advice regarding defences and counter claims, and direct negotiation with defendants for claimants.


Transferring up to High Court Enforcement - For County Court Judgements of £600+ we can transfer up a County Court Judgement to a High Court Judgement. This then allows us to appoint High Court Enforcement officers (often referred to as private bailiffs) More on Bailiff services >>>


Bailiff Recovery - We have our own retained High Court Enforcement Officers (Bailiffs). They will attempt to seize goods under warrant in order to satisfy judgement debts. More on Bailiff services >>>


Statutory Demands - For debts over £750. We are able to issue the relevant demand and serve it. Leading to: Bankruptcy Proceedings (individual debtors) / winding up petitions (companies).


Process serving - We are able to process serve documents including statutory demands and provide an affidavit of service.


Attachment of Earnings- After Judgement,  a formal request to the Court to deduct a proportion of the debtor's salary or wages directly from the debtors employer.


Third Party Debt orders - After Judgement, a formal Court order to freeze a debtor's bank account and seize funds.


Charging orders - Usually against property but can be levied against Stocks and shares, The debtor will not be able to dispose of the asset until you are paid, plus you may receive Interest. There is also a possibility to apply for an "order for sale" which is similar to a Mortgage repossession.









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