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Tier 1 Debt Collection £29.95 plus 10% of anything collected        


Our Tier1 Debt Collection service is for the collection of debts from £551 - £2500. The service can be used for Business to Business debts or personal debts.





Once the summons is issued the debtor / defendant will have 14 days to “acknowledge service” and 28 days to make pay the summons amount or defend the claim. If they fail to do either a default County Court Judgement (CCJ) can be issued by the court. If they choose to defend the claim we will guide you through the process at no extra charge.  


Once instructed we will write a bespoke Letter Before Action that is fully compliant with  Practice Direction on Pre-Action Conduct supplementing the Civil Procedure Rules 1998. We will calculate your statutory compensation & Interest per invoice (whats this?) and add it to the debt total. Our letter states that payment in full must be made direct to you (our client / claimant) within 14 days or an agreement reached within that period. The debtor is informed that if they ignore our demand a county Court Summons will be served without further notice to them.


Approximately 2 days after we send our first letter before action we will telephone the debtor and re-enforce our demand that payment is made within the specified period. We will report back to you via phone or email and update you.

What happens when the debtor pays?

You should receive payment from your debtor directly within 14 days. Once the debtor has made payment you must inform us within 7 days, you will then be invoiced 10% of what has been collected less Statutory Compensation and interest I.e you keep these additional sums in full.

What happens if the debtor fails to pay or disputes the debt?

We will advise you on the next course of action which is usually to issue a County Court Summons. You make the final decision on whether to proceed with legal action. We draft a summons for you for at no cost. You will have to pay a court fee (how much will this be?)  to HMCS (Her Majesty’s Court Service). The court fee is added to the debt amount so you should get this back.



What happens when a summons is served?

FOR DEBTS up to £2500

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